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Sense Rover Platform

The Sense Rover brings robotic yard control to the home. Don't spend your days in the hot sun keeping your yard beautiful, let the Sense Rover do it for you while you enjoy life.

Weed Control

The Sense Rover will take care of treating weeds your desert landscaped yard automatically.

Love Your Yard

Enjoy your yard without having to spend the scorching summer days searching for and spraying your weeds.

Simple Scheduling

An automatic weekly schedule lets you configure your the Sense Rover to run when it's convenient for you.
Sense Rover

High Technology

Low Effort Operation

The Sense Rover platform is intelligent, containing more processing power onboard than IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer, which was capable of beating the human race's best chess player, Garry Kasparov. All that power lets the Sense Rover do the work for you, just point and click and the rest is taken care of.

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Sense Rover Features

Computer Vision

GPS Assisted Mapping

Assisted Targeting

Manual Control Mode

Automatic Scheduling

Long Lasting Battery

Cloud Technology

Configurable Sensors